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This site presents my interests for this period.
I don't want to make a beautiful site, just an informating one. That's why I don't use javascript nor other web style.
I'll probably do a french version... later :).

Projects. Actuals and future ones.

A separate page for my writing stuff.

Good links

Debian GNU/Linux.
Da Linux French Page.

French repository

Here comes my various texts wrote in french, and my old french site. This is not a french version of this one.


I've found a job in Linux World :). Here come the french version of my resume, just in case ;).

hacker emblem
Even if I don't consider myself as a Hacker, I'll put here this glider to say "Thank you, hackers" for all the stuff they made for me: I use daily the Debian Woody GNU/Linux operating system, and I like it.
And I like the "hacker way" described by ESR in this various articles, so here it comes.

Le Loup Solitaire

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